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Thinking of selling?

We have the know-how you need.

Request a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) from The McCreith Team

First of all, thank you for considering us! We are grateful for the opportunity to provide you with a CMA, at no cost to you.


Our philosophy of business is that you are the decision-maker and you will choose your own pricing; our job is to give you the best information to help you make an informed decision. We will give you our recommendation of a price range we believe is supported by the best data available, but we are confident you will also see it for yourselves.


Here is what we would like to do in order to provide you with this information:

1) We want to see your property first.

When you reach out to us we will schedule, at your convenience, a quick walk-through of your home where we will take some notes. You do not have to clean up for us and your home does not in any way need to be show-ready. We do this all the time, and a valuation based on a physical walk-thru is always more accurate than a stats-based (or Zillow) approach. A quick in-person visit allows us to assess the floor plan, amenities, condition, and setting of your home, as well as to hear from you about what you value in your home and its land, or what improvements you have made to it. An algorithm takes nothing beyond maps and stats into valuing your home; we can be far more comprehensive when we do a walk-though prior to establishing value.

2) We will prepare our research & bring it to you.

A CMA involves researching comparable home sales to establish value for your home. It is similar to, though not as official as an appraisal. Depending on workloads, we can finalize this research within 2-5 days of our initial walk-through. We will schedule a follow-up visit to present our findings, talk through not only the comparable homes selected, but also any adjustments made to create similarities across them, and will leave all our research with you so that you can take your time reviewing the data, pictures, and maps after we are gone.

3) We will show & tell you about TMT.

At this same appointment we will bring samples of past homes we have listed and additional information about our team. We want you to fully understand what you get when you choose to sell your home with us. We will bring examples of our flyers, print advertising, market trend information, and additional information to give you confidence in your choice. We think you will be impressed by the services and products you get for the lower commission we charge. And yes, we will talk about commissions, buyer representation, and much more.


In total, that second appointment takes approximately one hour – more with good discussion – and it can be at your convenience (day, evening, weekend); at your home or in one of our offices. We can plan for additional time for discussion and questions if needed. At the end of the meeting, you will have a good idea of your home’s value, the listing and marketing process, the current market, and anything else needed to satisfactorily answer any questions or concerns you might have about selling your home. 


Last thing: we are not high-pressure sales people. Unless specifically requested, we won’t bring listing paperwork to that appointment or ask you for a decision at the end of the meeting. You will have as much time as you want to review all we discuss and leave you with at that meeting. Since we list properties every week of the year, we are glad to accommodate the timing that is best for you; now, soon, later, or whenever you decide to sell. And we trust that if we have brought something of value to you as a homeowner, you will give us a call when the time is right.

To request a CMA from one of our team members, click here.

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