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Looking to Buy?

Let us help you with your next purchase.

The needs and services for a seller are radically different than those needed for serving buyers. Hiring a REALTOR® to help you price and sell your home is predominately administrative, from the initial CMA, to signing listing paperwork, hiring a photographer, producing marketing materials, and coordinating showings requested by other REALTORS®. Representing a buyer in their home search is vastly different from that largely administrative role.


A buyer’s agent is on-call virtually around the clock. She needs to be available for showings as soon as a prospective listing becomes available, and new listings are activated all the time. The most common times an agent is needed are on weekends, evenings, or for several days in a row, such as when clients are visiting from out of town. She needs to be scouring active listings as aggressively as her hopeful buyers are, and when suitable listings are scarce, she needs to be tuned in to what might be coming soon to the market.


Real Estate requires that one individual REALTOR® wear the hats of varied demanding roles within a business: marketing, advertising, administration, client relations, outside sales, communications, and more. One person can’t do all of that and be available on call around the clock to drop everything and show property on a moment’s notice.


When you work with Catherine, Joni, Amy, or Molly as your REALTOR® representation for your next purchase, you can rest assured that you will have her undivided attention.  As a team we are able to make sure all of our clients are served well, even when one of us is occupied by a weekend full of showings. We extend our reach and our expertise when we work together to tackle the varied roles within our chosen profession. And once we do find that perfect home, we are skilled and diplomatic negotiators – your priorities are our priorities and we will fight for them every step of the transaction.


Working with our team does not bring added costs to the home buying (or selling) processes – only added value! Reach out to us if you are beginning your next-home search. We are here to help.

Group photo of The McCreith Team. Amy, Molly, Joni, and Catherine.
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